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Concept Zero

Silicone Lids

Cover your food with our reusable silicone lid and wave goodbye to unnecessary plastic wrapping.
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A silicone lid made from elastic, high-quality platinum silicone, free from BPA & BPS. The lid is transparent so you can easily see what’s inside your food container. The silicone lid is dishwasher and microwave safe and has a light grey tone, preventing discolouration over time.
Temperature: -20ºC to +200ºC. Safe for dishwasher. Weight between 25 g - 65 g. Diameter 11,5 cm (S), 14 cm (M), 16,5 cm (L), 21 cm (XL). Material: transparent platinum-silicone. Emission between 0,09 - 0,18 kg CO2 per unit.
This product is manufactured using renewable energy in Guangdong, China, through our strictly certified raw material suppliers. It will carry an estimated emission between 0,09 - 0,18 kg CO2 – if you decide to buy it. Don't buy it unless you need it.
Avoid sharp edges, this will prevent holes. You can wash the silicone products in your dishwasher or in the kitchen sink. We advise you to use an eco-program if you choose to wash the product in a dishwasher. Remember to dry the product after washing to avoid water stains, although water stains are not permanent.
Our silicone products are designed to be durable and stand the test of time. But, accidents can happen! When the time comes to dispose of them, check with your local recycling facilities how food-grade silicone should be disposed of.