Laundry sheets

  • Effective

    Clean and fresh clothes every time

  • 100% plastic free

    Compostable packaging, made from recycled paper

  • Clean Ingredients

    Tough on stains, gentle on your clothes

  • Money-Saving

    Never pay for water or plastic packaging

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    Laundry, made easy

    Introducing Laundry Sheets, a smarter way to do your laundry. 

    This laundry detergent is, unlike traditional detergents, actually easy to use. Gather your clothes and put them in the washer with a Laundry Sheet, and you're done! 

    Our Laundry Sheets are now available in grocery stores and supermarkets all over Norway.

    4 quick questions about Laundry Sheets

    What are Laundry Sheets

    In short, laundry sheets are a regular laundry detergent for clothes. Now you might be thinking, "But it doesn't look like regular detergent?" That's the whole point! Laundry sheets dissolve as soon as they come in contact with water.

    Can they be used on wool and silk?

    Yes, they can! We have created the formula with gentle ingredients without added enzymes, perfect for wool and other delicate textiles.

    Tip: Use less rather than more detergent, it preserves the textiles better. This applies to all detergents made for delicate textiles.

    Do they work at low temperatures?

    Yes, absolutely! The laundry sheets are effective when washed at 30°C. Low temperature is also much better for the environment!

    Where are the laundry sheets produced?

    We produce the laundry sheets in Sweden, with European ingredients, in a solar-powered factory. We also use recycled Swedish paper without bleach.

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    About us

    We are an Oslo-based startup determined to contribute to more people living in harmony with our planet.

    Even though we can't solve the sustainability crisis on our own, we focus on a small but crucial part of it. We aim to create the consumables of the future—free from single-use plastics, questionable ingredients, and even without added water.

    Why transport water when we have it clean from the tap? Our products are easy to reuse or refill, crafted with clean materials and ingredients from leading raw material suppliers. Sound good?

    Feel free to click the link below to learn more about us.