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Laundry Sheets

Laundry sheets offer a vegan and effective laundry detergent solution. Simply use 1-2 sheets per wash.
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Laundry sheets are a form of laundry detergent for clothes, featuring effective vegan ingredients. Essentially, it's a dissolvable laundry detergent-sheet. To use the detergent, simply place a sheet into the machine along with the clothes, start the machine, and voila! Now you can handle your laundry without any mess and with a clearer conscience.
Temperature 30-100ºC. Weight 140g (net 85g). Ingredients: sodium dodecyl sulfate, glycerol, decyl glucoside, betaine, poly (vinyl alcohol), fatty alcohol polyglycol, trisodium citrate, perfume.
Our laundry sheets are manufactured in Sweden. The product has an estimated emission of 0.14 kg CO2. The packaging is made from 100% recycled paper from Sweden.
Recycle the box as paper.