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Unscented Laundry sheets

Exciting news! We've just launched our exclusive fragrance-free laundry sheets, now available only online. Perfect for sensitive skin or those allergic to fragrances, these innovative sheets offer a gentle, effective clean without any unwanted scents. Discover the difference and experience the ultimate in laundry care today!



Old habits die hard, they say. But sometimes, you just need to replace one thing with another to establish a new and better habit. And a new and better habit is exactly what our laundry sheets offer. Most people already use detergents when washing clothes, so the only thing you need to do to make your laundry routine a bit more eco-friendly is to switch to laundry sheets!

When transitioning from liquid detergent or powder to sheets, it may feel a bit unusual. Many people are unsure whether their clothes will be just as clean and if laundry sheets are really as effective as regular detergent. The answer is yes, and laundry sheets are possibly even easier to use. Here’s how to use our laundry sheets:

1. Fill the machine well with clothes. Remember, you use a lot of water when washing clothes, so try to avoid washing half loads.
2. Place a laundry sheet on top of the clothes. You can use two if your laundry is very dirty or cut a sheet in half if, for some reason, you only have a half load.
3. Close the door, select your wash cycle, and start the machine.

(And by the way, it’s perfectly fine to use our laundry sheets for wool as well. They are plant-based and gentle on natural fibers.)

For Handwashing:

Are you traveling? Or maybe you have garments that should be hand-washed? Here’s how to use laundry sheets for handwashing:

1. Fill a basin, sink, or bathtub with water.
2. Dissolve a sheet in the water with your fingers (or half a sheet if you have a small load).
3. Place the clothes in the container and wash.