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Toothbrush Head

Time to replace your toothbrush head? We got you covered!

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Screwable, head-replaceable, bamboo-handle, designed to be used longer than any other toothbrush. Its screwable head makes it possible for you to only replace the head, as many times as you need, instead of throwing away the entire toothbrush. The bristles are made from BPA and BPS-free nylon-6.
Weight 3 g. Dimensions 8 cm x 1,2 cm. Material Bamboo and Nylon-6. Packaging 78% recycled paper.
This product is manufactured in Guangdong, China, through our strictly BSCI-certified suppliers. The bamboo used in our toothbrushes come from the Fujian province in China, and are strictly FSC® certified.
Dry after use to keep the product longer.
When it’s time to replace the toothbrush head, cut the bristles and recycle them as plastics. Compost the remaining bamboo part. Keep the toothbrush handle to reduce waste and order a new toothbrush head.