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Concept Zero

Net Bag

Carry your stuff in an expandable and reusable net made from biodynamic hemp fabric.

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A net made out of hemp, knit in a pattern that makes it able to carry more than you think. Yet another reason to not use disposable bags!
Safe for hand wash and washing machine. Weight 53 g. Dimensions 35 cm x 39 cm. Material 100% biodynamic hemp. Emission 0,35 kg CO2 per unit.
This product is made from biodynamic hemp from Uttarakhand in the footsteps of the Himalayas, and is stitched in the city of Pune in collaboration with Anubhuti Social Foundation. It will carry an estimated emission of 0,35 kg CO2 – if you decide to buy it. Don't buy it unless you need it.
Be careful with sharp objects, this will prevent any accidental holes in the fabric. If you feel the need to wash the product, we recommend hand washing and using a mild detergent that’s not harmful to the environment, for instance, our laundry sheets.
Our hemp products are made to last. If you get a hole in the fabric, please try to mend it with a needle and thread. If you for some reason need to throw the bag away, be sure to hand it into fabric recycling so that the material can live on.