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Kitchen Cleaning Bundle

Our Kitchen Cleaning Bundle combines a collection of zero-waste products to keep your kitchen flawless without a trace.

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Who said that cleaning could not also be zero-waste? This bundle contains a solid dish soap made with natural ingredients (cocos nucifera oil, wild mint, sodium hydroxide (from salt water), sea-buckthorn); a dish brush made of coconut husks that otherwise would be discarded as waste; and a cleaning cloth made of biodynamic hemp.
Our solid dish soap is manufactured on the Danish Island of Bornholm, with ingredients from Bornholm. The coconut oil comes from a BSCI-certified supplier in India. Our dish brush is manufactured in Katunayake, in the northwest region of Sri Lanka. Through the traditional Sri Lankan technique of weaving, they are able to make from coconut husks long-lasting brushes. Our cleaning cloth is made from biodynamic hemp from Uttarakhand in the footsteps of the Himalayas, and is stitched in the city of Pune in collaboration with Anubhuti Social Foundation.
For the solid dish soap and dish brush: After every use, place it on a surface and let it dry. Cleaning cloth: we recommend hand washing and using a mild detergent that’s not harmful to the environment, for instance, our laundry sheets.
The best thing about solid soap is that it doesn’t leave any waste behind! Recycle the minimal packaging as paper. The dish brush is biodegradable so you can safely dispose of it as natural waste. Our hemp products are made to last. If you get a hole in the fabric, please try to mend it with a needle and thread. If you need to throw it away, be sure to hand it into fabric recycling so that the material can live on.