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Concept Zero

Bottle Brush

Our guess is that you want to use your drinking bottle over and over again. That’s why we offer our favourite bottle brush.

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Our bottle brush is made to easily fit through the bottle entry and makes it easy to rinse every centimetre of it. You can also use it on other objects in need of care. The brush is made by hand in Sri Lanka using the husk of the coconut to create biodegradable and zero-waste brushes.
Weight 68 g. Dimensions 33 cm x 3 cm x 2,5 cm. Material Coconut and Wood. Emission 0,14 kg CO2 per unit.
This product is manufactured in Katunayake, in the northwest region of Sri Lanka, where the coconut husks are discarded as waste. Through the traditional Sri Lankan technique of weaving, they are able to make from coconut husks long-lasting brushes. It will carry an estimated emission of 0,14 kg CO2 per unit – if you decide to buy it. Don't buy it unless you need it.
We recommend letting the brush dry after use.
Our brushes are designed to be durable and stand the test of time. But accidents can happen! When they cannot be used any longer, dispose of them as natural waste as they are biodegradable.