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Single Toothpick

This single toothpick is for you who only needs one toothpick. Whether you lost one, or you only want to try it out, we like to give you options to consume only what you need.
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A stainless titanium toothpick designed to reach every tiny spot while keeping your teeth safe. Made with the same material that dentists use.
Weight 1 g. Dimensions 6,5 cm. Material Titanium.
This product is manufactured using renewable energy in Guangdong, China, through our strictly BSCI-certified suppliers. Don't buy it unless you need it.
Rinse with water and soap after use and dry. Occasionally, we recommend using boiling hot water to sterilise the toothpicks.
This stainless titanium toothpick is designed to last a lifetime, but if it eventually reaches its end of life, hand it over to your local scrap metal recycler.