About us

Founded in 2018, Concept Zero was born from the desire to challenge the never-ending consumption of disposable products.

Despite the fact that humanity produces more than 2 billion tonnes of waste every year, we know that people will continue to buy products. We’re also aware that some products, with an emphasis on some, are needed in a modern world. Instead of making people stop buying products at all, we wanted to try to make it easier for everyone to choose everyday products that do less harm to the environment and the people living in it.

The products you see with the Concept Zero logo on it, have been meticulously considered if they were needed at all. You can also rest assured that the materials and ingredients used in our products are carefully selected from manufacturers we trust. Although we’re not a fan of generalising terms like “carbon neutral” and “sustainable”, and we acknowledge that all our products carry emissions, we have done our absolute best to reduce the environmental imprint caused by our product, in every step of our product development and production. More about our production here.

We hope you’ll learn more about our take on responsible living by reading our blogs, subscribing to our newsletter, following us on social media, and spreading the word.

If you have ideas on how we can achieve even more, feel free to reach out to us, we will be more than happy to hear you out!

Love, the Concept Zero team.